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Our Teachers.

Passionate Educators, Professional Engineers.

Our instructors have founded companies and worked for Google, Twitter, SpaceX, Uber, and more.

Paul Booth

Has worked at:
Paul has led teams of engineers, patented technology at Facebook, and published research in mathematics. He combines industry expertise with eight years of tutoring experience to teach the next generation of creators to make their dreams happen.

Andrew Heine

Has worked at:
Andrew writes software for cars, robots, web sites, and rockets. He discovered coding by accident, and loves to show others how fun, powerful, and approachable it can be.

Ari Chae

Has worked at:
An engineer with a creative twist, Ari is passionate about using design and engineering to build educational experiences. She uses her professional design background to help her students create beautiful, meaningful web applications.

David Gaynor

Has worked at:
David was a student at Olin College when he designed and taught their first JavaScript course: Olin.js. He has worked for Twitter, founded successful companies, and taught at Design Tech High School and Nueva School.
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