What's the fastest way to learn to code?
With a personal trainer.
David Gaynor
Former engineer at Twitter
Founder of Classadoo
Korean food expert
Andrew Heine
Former engineer at SpaceX
Former self-driving car engineer
Been to 45 states
Xiao Fang
Former engineer at Wealthfront
Pomona College Grad
YouTube star and world traveler
Code with a live coach, on your schedule.
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Our teachers keep you accountable in and out of the classroom. We release two new projects per week, and stick with you through each hour. If you miss a week, you'll be hearing from us.
Why a coach?
We're here to personalize your learning. You move at your own pace and ask questions when you want. We provide the level of challenge to maximize your productivity.
Really? Live help for $40/month?
Yes! This is designed to feel like a 1:1 class. We use your learning process to train the world's first AI tutor, who helps your teacher be effective for multiple students at once.
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Every week we release new advanced courses like React, mobile development, and Firebase.

Humble Hour started in 2017 with the goal of making a 1:1 learning experience available to anyone, online, for free. It is an independent, unfunded effort, led by a group of former Uber, SpaceX, Microsoft, Twitter and Google Engineers.
Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to do something incredible in 1 hour. Our classes are designed to be more challenging than most you’ll find online, but our technology makes sure that your teacher is there right when you need them, before you get stuck.
Her Domain uses it for a series of free Bootcamps for under-employed women in Pakistan.
Classadoo uses it to teach free events, remotely, at rural libraries accross the US.
We use it for weekly classes like this one!
If you have feedback, questions or are interested in joining our team email learn@humblehour.com!